Child Care Workers

Childcare Workers:


The following is a schedule of Childcare Workers for October. Childcare is provided for the 8:15 A.M. and 10:30 A.M. Services. Rachel Rogers is in charge of our childcare workers.


8:15 Services     

Jan. 5-Busenhart Family

Jan. 12-Rogers/Anna Orick Family

Jan. 19-Marsha Knight/Kenneys

Jan. 26-Edwards Family/Marie Shoemaker

Feb. 2-Grayson Family

Feb. 9-Rutledge Family

Feb. 16-Ryerson/Barb Breeden

Feb. 23-Sheri White/Angells Family


10:30 Services


Jan. 5-Joyce Scheel/Josie Bunton

Jan. 12-Eva West/Lorna Smith

Jan. 19-Mindy Peters/Rachel Rogers

Jan. 26-Diane Berry/RAchel Rogers

Feb. 2-McClurgs Family

Feb.9-Joyce Scheel/Josie Bunton

Feb. 16-Eva West/Lorna Smith

Feb. 23-Mindy Peters/Rachel Rogers


NOTE: If you know you cannot be at church on your scheduled Sunday, please trade with someone on the list or get a substitute. Please be in the Preschool area 15 minutes before the services begin.