Gasconade Manor Nursing Home

Coorinators: Jim & Jane Leimkuehler

Gasconade Manor


  Our First Baptist Church of Owensville provides a Sunday morning service to residents of Gasconade Manor facilities. Worship begins at 9:30 AM with singing and includes a lesson from our Sunday School curriculum and more singing. The service lasts about forty-five minutes and is casual in nature.

          Our attendees include members of different local churches. Occasionally, family members attend with their loved one so we are truly"family oriented". Our mission is to teach the Bible, share the love of God, provide comforting, personal experiences, and enjoy being together. 

          Jim and Jane Leimkuehler provide the services each Sunday. If you have a family member or friend who enters this facility encourage them to attend or let the staff know he or she would like to attend.  We find even those who have difficulty communicating will join in singing the songs they know so well.  We suggest you come along, initially, to assist in the adjustment to their new surroundings.

  August 2021  
Today's Events


"The Outlet"
6:30 PM
Grades 6-12
Adult Bible Study
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Bible Search