VBS 2020



That question was a title from one of the articles in our Kids Ministry 101 magazine. Over the last several months our Children’s Ministry Team has been asked to do some 

soul searching and define what our mission and vision is for our Children’s Department here at FBC. Through prayer and patience we are seeking God’s guidance as we lay a foundation to build upon. One thing God has made clear so far is how we need to get back to the foundation of the church, Jesus.

“Welcome kids, love kids, point kids to Jesus” that’s our motto.

Through every event, lesson and activity that is what our focus needs to be on, Jesus.

Vacation Bible School is one of those events that the entire church should be mobilized. It’s one week out of the year where we come together to reach the community with the gospel while simultaneously providing a unique discipleship experience for the individual child and volunteer. VBS is a ministry tool to reach the next generation and equip them for a future and eternity with Christ. Yes it is hard work, yes it takes many hours to plan out, yes by the end of the week you may feel exhausted, yes you may have to deal with children who test your patience. But guess what? Jesus tells us their souls are worth it.

Over the next month we are asking you to be in prayer over Vacation Bible School. Pray over the hearts of the children who will attend, over the volunteers who will be leading and serving, and organizing and also pray that God gives you guidance as to where you can serve.

There is a job for every church member during VBS. Below are job descriptions for the different areas.

  • Small Group Bible Study leaders (COMPLETED KINDERGARTEN THROUGH 5TH GRADE)

         --Prepare and lead 1 hour of Bible study time with your assigned group. Rotate your group               through the different stations. Also in charge of room decorations, decorations not mandatory.

  • Missions: Lead the kids in learning about world missionaries. Be able to use DVD player to show missionary video and plan additional activities if needed. Also in charge of room decorations, decorations not mandatory.
  • Recreation: Plan and lead a game each day that corresponds with the daily Bible lesson.
  • Craft: Plan a daily craft for each child to complete during their time that corresponds to the daily Bible lesson. Be able to lead and assist the kids during craft time to complete their projects. Also in charge of room decorations, decorations not mandatory.
  • Music: Learn the motions and VBS songs prior to VBS. Teach the children the songs and motions.
  • Decorating Team: In charge of planning and making decorations for the Sanctuary entryways and main hallways at church(ramp, 2nd floor hallway). Decorations will be put in 2 weeks prior to VBS and taken down the week after VBS ends.
  • Lunch: Each day we will end by serving lunch to our kids. Our lunch team is responsible for preparing, serving, and cleaning up the meals each day.
  • Child Care for VBS workers children ages 0-5 years old: Child care is offered for the children of VBS workers only. Workers needed for this area will vary depending on the amount of parents who sign up to be leaders. Duties include changing diapers, snug-gling babies, planning games/activities for preschoolers, telling the Bible story each day.
  • Registration: Help parents fill out registration forms, sort registrations by grade level. Welcome children as they arrive each day and prepare name tags.
  • Promotion Team: Hang up flyers and banners around town to promote VBS. Take banners and flyers down after event.


Please consider helping us this summer in one of these areas and spread the love of  Jesus to the children of our community.


--Becca Allen, VBS Director