We will be able to have our worship services at church this Sunday, May 10. Please read the following instructions carefully:

1. There will be three worship services - 8:30 and 10:30 am and 6:00 pm.

2. No Sunday School or nursery classes until further notice.

3.10:30 service will be only for senior adults and those with other high risk health issues.

4. Please call the church office to sign up for which service you would like to attend. We are going to limit each service to no more  than 100. For the short term, some people will need to attend the 6:00 evening service. All services will be similar and the same sermon will be preached.

5. Once you have signed up, please attend that service until we can return to our normal schedule.

6. The facilities will be thoroughly cleaned each week, as well as between each service.

7. The 10:30 service will still be available through Facebook live and on the radio if you would still prefer that option.

8. Hand sanitizer will be available, offering plates will be placed on a table for your use, and chairs will be set up so that families can sit together, yet still social distance.

Please share this message with as many people as you can. We look forward to seeing everyone and we hope to see you at church this Sunday.






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Sunday Sermons

Sunday Sermons can now be view as video along with our audio listening. Check out our Sunday Sermons. 


Sunday Service Live

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We will be streaming through FB live from our new church page! Please like and set a reminder for our live stream tomorrow.

We will still be on the radio for those who do not have FB and we are working to fix the issues so that everyone can enjoy our live service in the future.

Thank you all for your patience and faithfulness to Jesus.

Pastor Kyle


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The Morning Worship Service can be heard @ 10:30 AM each Sunday on Station KTUI-102.1 FM

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