A "Note" from Duane


"A Note from Duane"



I’d like to say thank you to every person who helped make this year’s Living Christmas Tree presentation a success. I am amazed every year by the many people who help get everything ready for this event. What a blessing to see so many people working together to share the message of our Savior’s birth.


To all the Volunteers: Thank you to all who came to help set up the tree, prepare food for the workers, decorate the tree and then take everything down. This presentation could not happen without you. I so appreciate all of you!


To our Choir: Thank you choir members for making the commitment to sing with us. Your hard work in rehearsals and at home, your faithfulness to be here when we rehearse and your perseverance and patience as we work out all the logistics makes my job easier. Thank you for giving your all to produce a wonderful presentation, with a quality choral sound. Thank you so much for being committed to give God the glory as we sing unto Him. Thank you for the beautiful gift this year. It is very special, and I love it.


To our Technicians: Thank you, Brenda for your work at the soundboard. You do such a great job enhancing the sound of the choir and bells. Thank you, Susan for running the visual part of the program and making it all flow together. Thank you, Diane for programing and running the lights. All three of you did an awesome job!


To the members of Jubilate: Thank you for your commitment to our bell choir. I appreciate how you faithfully serve the Lord, using your talents for him through our bell choir. You always do a wonderful job. Thank you for your flexibility this year. You are a blessing!


To our Children/Youth Handbell Ensemble: Thank you for being a part of our Kid’s Bells. You did a great job and I am very proud of you.


        My Wife: I want to say a special “Thank you” to Diane for all the things she does to help make the            Living Christmas Tree a reality. Thank you for the countless hours you put in and the many things              you do behind the scenes that no one knows about. I am thankful that God has blessed me with a                partner in ministry and a wife like you.